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Looking for low sodium seasoning? Tasty chicken, beef, and mushroom seasonings to make vegan gravy and much more....

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Vegan vegetarian Chicken-like & Beef-like Seasonings - Low Sodium, CHIP approved, and great tasting, you'll love these products. click here

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"I am a total believer in Blaney's seasonings!  The chicken-like seasoning and the beef-like seasoning provide tasty nutrition to air-popped corn, stir-fry and even salad seasonings- WOW! I have been on the CHIP program for the last four weeks and I feel great. Thank you to Ron and Darlene for developing Blaney's seasonings.  Now I can continue with a low sodium and a low fat diet without sacrificing great taste.  I look forward to more healthy products from Total Health!"
Grace Mackintosh.  Calgary, Alberta



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